THS Alma Mater Farewell

THS Alma Mater Farewell Song

Farewell THS Alma Mater dear farewell to thee

The hour of parting now has come to leave thy portals free.

As onward through the path of life with courage tread our way

And with determination strive to win the battle of each day.

To thee, oh Alma Mater, we pledge our allegiance

To ever cherish thy dear name in our hearts and minds.

Farewell, o school of lofty dreams thy beacon light forever gleams

To guide us to our future Alma Mater, fare-thee-well.

Once more our song of gratefulness to thee we raise

Thy counsels wise and guidance well deserve our endless praise.

And though the years may swiftly flit we shall hold the memory of by-gone

days with joy replete sweet recollections full of glee.

Beloved Alma Mater may though be blest forever.

And success crown thee ever more each passing of the year

May heavenly light upon thee shine fair hope of our Fatherland.

Our loyalty to thee ever dwell oh Alma fare-thee-well.

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